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The Benefits of Link

When opposed to employing a traditional bookmaker, exchange betting has various advantages. These are our top three choices.

Better Chances

The odds are not set by a bookmaker who adds a margin. Instead, the prices are decided upon by the customers, resulting in near to genuine odds (100%) on your wagers.

Because the rewards are higher, this adds value. Of course, you must consider the commission that you must pay when you win, but clients typically benefit more from exchanges.

There are no account restrictions.

If you're a successful bettor, odds are your betting account will be restricted at a normal bookmaker. Unfortunately, this happens far too frequently in this profession. Yet, there are no such limitations in this case. You can wager (and win) an infinite amount as long as you can find other consumers to match your bets.

Capability to Place Bets

You'll be able to trade (buy/sell) bets to assure profits once you've mastered your way around a betting market. Just back high and lay low is the formula.

For example, if you bet R100 and back a horse at 21.00, you stand to win R2100 (including your stake). Then imagine the odds on that horse dropping to 11.00. You can now bet on the same horse and benefit. It's similar to cash out in some ways, but it's more efficient.

How to Make a Link Bet Link sites may appear intimidating to newbies, but they are relatively straightforward if you understand the basics, which we will go over now.

A Safe Bet

If you're new to trading and want to get your feet wet, start with 'back' bets. A back bet is the same as a wager made with a bookmaker. You are 'betting' on a winner (or more accurately – be correct).

Back bets are available, so there are plenty of alternatives. If you stake R 1,000 on a pick at 5.00, your total returns are R 5,000.

Lay Betting

The lay bet is the inverse of a back bet. Nevertheless, before getting into this, you must first comprehend what the term "responsibility" means. Simply put, if the back bet wins, the lay bet is accountable. The term responsibility may frighten some inexperienced gamblers, but it is only another bet.

Depending on the odds, the liability may be greater than or less than the potential winnings. Assume Novak Djokovic is competing against Jack Sock. Novak has chances of 1.05 and Sock has odds of 20.00.

If you lay Djokovic at 1.05, your risk is R5 to win R100. It's the same as backing Sock at 20.00 with R5.


A Link requires liquidity, or money in its markets. For example, you could wish to bet R20,000 on Djokovic (with a chance to win R1,000), but you can only do so if another customer is ready to put R1,000 on Sock. This is called liquidity.

You can see how much liquidity is available at each of the listed odds by viewing the markets. Liquidity should be adequate if the exchange you utilize has a large number of active consumers.


The Link operator makes money by taking a percentage of the earnings from all winning bets; this is known as commission. When considering exchange betting and odds, you must consider the commission.

If a conventional South African bookmaker offers an odds enhancement promotion, it may indicate that its payout is higher. As a result, you should compare pricing and wager where you get the most value.

Make Your Own Odds

One of the best aspects about betting on an exchange is that you have complete control. Assume you want to wager on Djokovic but believe the odds of 1.05 are too low. You believe 1.10 is a reasonable price based on your prediction and probabilities.

You can place your wager at these odds. Of course, another consumer must accept the other half of the bet; otherwise, it would go unmatched. Having this amount of control, though, allows you to put bets on your terms.

Winnings Payment

Exchanges are totally automated, just like with any other online bookmaker. As a result, when you place a bet, the stake or liability is deducted from your account, and wins are refunded to your account (less the fee) once the wager is settled.

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